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haven't updated in like 3 years haha [Wednesday
May 28th 2008
So.. i'm sure no one reads this silly thing anyway buut i'm bored and found it so i'm going to update it. a lot has happened... i finally graduated college. it feels great to be done w/ school. =) i just sent for my temporary license today. hopefully i will get it back sometime next week and can get a social work job soon. i'm so tired of this retail stuff.

so for the past month or so kev and i have been hanging out/talking again. it's crazy how things work out. i forgot how much i cared about him, and how much fun we had together. =) i hope things work out this time. i know ive changed a lot since me and him dated, and i know he has too. we kissed the night i went to his apartment to see it. it's crazy that after 3 years of barely even talking, he kisses me once and i swear it was the most awesome feeling ive felt in a really long time. <3 he just allows me to be myself, and i havent felt like myself in a really long time. the only bad thing is he goes out of town a lot for work, and is out of town right now until next wed =( its been hard but it's helped with trying to figure out everything. ive always cared about him, even when we broke up.. buut i guess i just didnt realize how much.

anyway everything is going good. i can't wait to find a social work job, and i can't wait until he comes home next wed!! =)

my weekend.. [Saturday
October 15th 2005

FRONT ROW at rascal flatts, IT WAS FREAKING AWESOME! they came out from underneath the stage or whatever, and started singing "Heres to you"... then all kinds of white confetti shot out...it looked like it was snowing in the collesium... it was awesome..
then they let us all move up to the stage.. which wouldnt have been bad if the security guard next to me's elbow wasnt in my side the whole time, and like everyone was pushing and shoving.. it was crazy.
anyway they sung YOU GIVE LOVE A BAD NAME by bon jovi!!! oooh i was excited! they sung that song "Sarah Beth" it was so sad... and they sung Born in the USA.. and the marines came out.. it was awesome!!
Blake Shelton did an awesome job too.. he kept making eye contact w/ us... it was cool to be able to actually see them up close singing.. instead of bein so far back you cant see... blaine larsen did a really good job too.. he's a cutie!! i'm tellin ya one thing though.. JOE OFF OF RASCAL FLATTS IS SO GORGEOUS! anyway me, ashley, breann and kasey went and ate at Logans before the concert, it was really good... then me and ash went and visited my Fajita fish (dawn from target) at Fujis.. she even gave us chopsticks and a menu to make it feel like we were eating there, even though we had just ate.. lol dawn is hilarious.. she let us try some ice cream.. mango, green tea, and red bean.. the mango was awesome, didnt really like the other 2 that well.. we couldnt read the menu.. lol its a sushi and japanese cuisine bar.. soooo anyway that was an adventure.. overall it was a fun day!

didnt get up till about 11.. got a shower, and now i'm just gettin ready to go to work at 3.. i work 3-11 tonight at the jewelry boat.. fun fun... i wish they'd let me work during the week there so i can get used to it when it's not so busy... but that's all i'm doing today.. unfortunately.. what a crappy saturday.

i work 8-3:30 at guest service.. and then hopefully my timothy is coming over <3

anyway there's my update!! i'm gonna go get ready.. have a good day guys!

stole from kristi... very cute! [Saturday
October 8th 2005
[ mood | sleepy ]

Being a mountaineer....

Because of our mountains, we have rivers. The oldest river in
the Western Hemisphere, the New River (quite appropriately
don't you think) ends in West Virginia. We have the Gauley
River, which
confluence's with the New River in a magnificent cascade to
form the
Kanawha River, which in turn flows through the center of the
State, and
directly through the capital city of Charleston, the largest
city in
West Virginia. These rivers in addition to the Cheat,
Tygart, Monongahela, Ohio and countless others offer tremendous
recreational opportunities.
The tallest building in Charleston is barely 25 floors tall!
which, if
you think about it, is a plus; how could you possibly build a
more beautiful than a mountain?
The capital city stretches throughout the long river valley
both hill and dale.
The Charleston airport, the largest i n the State, sits on top
of a
mountain. The crime rate in Charleston, including the entire
of the Kanawha Valley (around 200,000), reflects that of the
State, the lowest in America. No more than a handful of murders
committed each year.
Charleston has no subway systems, but, truth be known, you can
get from
one end of town to the other, even in rush hour traffic, in
less than
ten minutes.
There are three major interstate systems going through
Charleston, the
smallest city in America to make such a claim.
The entire State has six different interstate systems, meaning,
Charleston, you can reach Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati,
Louisville or Charlotte in four hours or less....Ah, but once
you leave
the interstates, the drive becomes a thing of wonder. Two lane
winding up and down the mountains, ! offer amazing views and
places, small towns, poor in wealth but rich in history.
West Virginia is the birthplace of Mother's Day, in Grafton;
Father's Day, in Fairmont.
We have the oldest covered bridge still in use. We have walnut
festivals, strawberry festivals, apple festivals and pumpkin
and buckwheat festivals, and arts and crafts fairs and stern
regattas and ramp dinners.
We have Bridge Day, on the New River Gorge Bridge over 800 feet
the New River; the only standing structure in the United States
that, one
a year, allows parachuting and bungee jumping.
We have college basketball, and minor league baseball and
hockey, and,
just like all of America, Friday night high school football.
We have white water rafting, and skiing, and hiking, and caves,
waterfalls, and camping in every direction. We have Sundays
where a
leisurely drive in the car can take eight hours, and only cover
We have bed and breakfasts, and resorts, and golf courses, and
and the Greenbrier Hotel. West Virginia has more natural beauty
and wonder
than any person could ever imagine.
We have all of this, and yet .... our greatest asset is our
people. West
Virginians are good people. We care about each other. We talk
to our
neighbors over the backyard fence.
We grow tomatoes for the entire neighborhood. We turn around in
other's driveways, and yell "howdy" when we do.
We sit on the porch on warm summer evenings, listening to
crickets, and
watching kids catch fireflies.
We loan a hammer, or a cup of sugar. We don't take two-hour
but we do spend a few minutes each day with a cup of coffee,
and our
feet up on our desk, shooting the breeze.
We rarely get in a hurry. We have relatives just down the
street. We
don't just loan someone a socket wrench, we help them fix their
car. We
share recipes, and gardening tips, and our last cup of coffee.
baby-si t each other's kid, we house-sit each other's dog while
on vacation, and we loan each other our cars if we have to get
to the
We ask each other if we need anything as we're going to the
We celebrate each other's accomplishments, and we cry over each
We are a friendly folk. We are West Virginians.
Mountaineers are always free! Free to take the time to enjoy
life, and
hold each moment in our hearts, forever.
If you are proud to be a West Virginian, then pass this on. If
you are
ashamed to be a native West Virginian, then shame on you.


just an update.. [Wednesday
September 14th 2005
[ mood | stressed ]

sooo yesterday i started my field experience at midland trail.. it went really well! the kids are very cute, and me and my teacher have already picked a child to do my case study on.
anyway it just sucks that i have to get up so early... but oh well, its like 90% of my grade in education..
yesterday was the longest day ever, i didnt think it was going to end.. i went into work an hr late so i could do my paper for education that he gave us to do for today.. we had to turn it in during his office hours.. thats why i had to get it done yesterday before work.. and i didnt get out of class till 2:45.. sooooo i wouldnt have had time.
anyway work was so boring, i really am sick of target, and i hate cashiering anymore.. im at guest service the whole weekend thank god..
im supposed to work tomorrow but i have a HUGE bio test on friday that i need to study for, and i wont have time if i work.. and i told them not schedule me so many hrs and they havent listened, so if i have to call off, oh well.. they can get mad.. i dont even care

went to class, had lab, it was very pointless... went and took my social work test, it was really easy.. his always are.

anyways.. i called target and theyre letting me come in at 6 instead of 4.. sooo i get to study before work thank goodness...
saturday we're going shopping for bridesmaids dresses for brittany's wedding! that should be fun! :)
i love having things to look forward to...
it makes everything seem worth it.


SOOOOO excited!!! [Saturday
September 10th 2005
soooo me and ash go to the civic center at like 8 this morning to get rascal flatts tickets.. they were doing it by lottery.. well when it came time to draw the #'s.. they drew out like blah blah blah #73 or 74.. well ashley was like 2 away from that!! we were 2nd in line to get tickets!!! so ashley goes in there and buys them, and comes out of the doors at the civic center.. and i'm like what seats did we get?!? She said row A, seats 1 and 2..and i'm like what? she said FRONT ROW!!!! i was like OMG! we were screaming.. lol it was hilarious but it was worth me being extremely tired today! i cant freaking wait for the concert now!! :)
anyway work was ok i guess, if i would have stayed i would have had overtime this week, i open tomorrow at guest service and ive got a crap load of h/w... i can't get motivated to do it...
i'm just sick of everything.. i'm stressed out, i'm tired..
anyway im gonna go, later gaterz

pigeon forge was great!! [Wednesday
August 3rd 2005
[ mood | sleepy ]

so this is gonna be a long update so bare w/ me...

we left for pigeon forge at about 6:30 saturday morning.. got there about 11:30, but we were stuck in traffic in pigeon forge for about 45 minutes... we finally got to my aunt and uncle's cabin they were staying at, and we headed off to go to the "river romp" ...
omg i will never do anything like that again, it was awful! we thought it was going to be kinda like white water rafting, just on inner tubes... but no, there was hardly any rapids in the river... so we had to paddle ourselves just to go anywhere... it was supposed to only take 2 hrs and it took us 3 1/2! it was awful. then to make matters worse, mom was a little bit ahead of us, and she started to push off a rock, and there was a snake on the rock!!!!! so she starts freaking out, and screaming and stuff... so then we all get out of the water, and we're all really freaked out, and we still had like an hr and a half to go! well, ben and brennan decide their going to go in the water, over to this big rock, and see if they can see the one mom saw... well all of a sudden they both jump in the water and run.. there was a nest of them in the crack of the big rock!!!!
well at that time we were all freakin out... we get to the end an hr and a half later, safe and sound.. thank god!

after we headed back, we all took showers and got ready to go eat at the Alabama Grill! omg it was so good... i had the chicken parmasian! it was reall good... anyway then we head to the go karts! it was a lot of fun! they have tons of go karts there!

so on sunday we get up and me, christina, mom and cindy went shopping ALL day.. ended up spending most of my money at Rue 21... such a cute store! looove it! we ate lunch at Mel's Diner.. it was real good, and then we headed back to the cabin to see what everyone wanted to do for the day! well the boys end up goin back to the go karts, so we went shoppin yet again, lol... we ended up goin to eat at the Alamo! it was really good! we went to a huge vera bradley outlet, omg it was sooooo cute, but i didnt get anything :( i wanted to so bad though!

anyway on monday we left to come home, cindy, kevin, christina and the boys have been there since tues so they were ready to come home.. i wasnt :( i hope we go back in like november like we did last year! it's awesome down there!

so anyway now i'm back to the same ole routine.. work, work, and more work! i worked yesterday 7-2 @ col gas and 3-9 @ target.. today i worked 8-2 @ col gas.. and was off @ target.. tomorrow i work 9-2 @ col gas and 4:30-10:30 @ target, then fri i'm 8-2 @ col gas and off @ target.. then i work sat, sun, mon and tues @ target then im off for a week! THE KENNY CONCERT IS NEXT WED AND OMG AM I EXCITED~!!!! ive got awesome seats this year! lower level..sec 131! this concert is gonna be awesome! then we're leavin for indiana next thurs! i just cant wait for vacation.. i'm glad this week is goin by pretty fast... but then when i get back from vacation, we start school so that kinda sucks!

me, kev, stacy and jeremy are goin to see the Dukes of Hazzard on Friday! that should be fun!!

anyway just thought id update! later gaterz <3


pigeon forge!!! [Friday
July 29th 2005
[ mood | cheerful ]

sooo today i havent done much, it hasnt been sunny at all today so i didnt go swimming, but i went up to target and got my check, then went to the bank, then to wal mart, then to kohls, then to get gas and then to taco bell...
bought the cutest jacket for $6.87 at kohls!!! its pink, omg its adorable.. and it was so cheap!
i'm leaving for pigeon forge tomorrow morning!! soooo excited... i love it there!
me and kev watched Million Dollar Baby last night, omg if you havent seen it, rent it!!! its a wonderful movie, its probably one of the best movies ive seen in a long time!!! its sad :(
well guys have a good weekend! ill be back monday evening sometime!! :)

kev, i love you & i'm going to miss you babe! <33


just an update... [Thursday
July 28th 2005
sooo excited... found out i'm goin to pigeon forge this weekend!!! my aunt, and her family is down there for the week, so mom thought it would be fun to go for the weekend!!! we're leavin sat. morning, staying all day saturday, all day sunday and comin back like monday evening! i had a BLAST last year when me, mom, cindy, christina and mama went! it's awesome down there.. i wanna move there !!!
so anyway tonight me and kev went to ryans and ate! it was soooo good! i ate too much though..
sooo tomorrow i'm gonna lay out if it's sunny till i have to get ready for work, i work 3-8... then i'm off the whole weekend till tues!!!
next week i work tues-fri 7-2 at col gas, and whatever my schedule is at target, then the kenny concert is a week from this coming wed!!!! :) OMG SO EXCITED!!! i so cant wait! then the day after that we're leaving for indiana for the week!!! then right when we get back.. school starts :(
i really thought i was ready, but i'm really not!!! ughhh i don't wanna go back... what happened to summer?
well anyway i guess i'm gonna go... night <3

July 25th 2005
sooo just an update real quick.. new season of laguna beach starts tonight!!!
everyone should watch, one hour premiere :)
love my new layout, so cute.. still lookin for the one i REALLY like though..
found one that was pink, and said love is... beautiful but it wont work for some reason :(
anyway had a pretty good weekend... already told you about water ways, cooking and renting movies w/ kev..
me, him, mom and dad went to hawks nest and ate at the restaurant there on saturday night...
it was sooooo good, and it has the prettiest view!
bought the first season of newly weds DVD yesterday... me and kev watched most of it last night!
2 weeks until indiana...
can't wait!
things w/ my mom and dad aren't going too well right now... i dunno, i wouldn't be surprised if they got a divorce w/in the next year... they fight constantly.. and honestly i can't blame my dad, my mom is changing... i have always had problems getting along w/ her but it's just getting really bad lately..
anyway i'm gonna go... <3

just an update [Saturday
July 23rd 2005
yesterday i was off from both jobs so me and kev had this whole day planned... we were going to go to water ways, and then go camping at kanawha state forest! well, it looked like it was going to rain so camping was out... :( but we still went to water ways! i havent been there in years.. it was suprisingly a lot of fun! kev was hilarious on the tubes... there was one time he was coming down the slide and lost his tube, and just rolled down the slide... it was hilarious, all i could see is his feet in the air, hahaha....
we had a lot of fun though, we only stayed a couple hrs cause it started raining... :(
so we came home, and went to the store and bought stuff to make fried chicken, and fries w/ cheese & bacon! it was all really good, then we made peanut butter cup brownies... omg they're delicious!
then we watched "Carolina" and "Blue Collar Comedy Tour 2" we rented "Coach Carter" but we're gonna watch it tonight! i had a lot of fun w/ him though... it sucks because during the week he's out of town for work like 96% of the time so we don't get to see each other much :(
anyway i work a big whopping 4 hrs today... please tell me the point in driving ALL the way to corridor G from belle to work at food ave for 4 hrs! it's pointless... but then me and kev's wanting to go fishin at plum orchard lake! we'll see if it's not raining first! which lately that's all it does... is rain rain rain!
then we'll probably come home and watch "Coach Carter!"
sooo anyway tomorrow i work 10:30-3:15... again, some weird hours... target is so weird!
monday i'm off at target, i work like every other day this week... sat, sun, tues, thurs, sat, sun..
not sure my schedule at col gas... it's hard to tell w/ them!
we're leavin for indiana in 2 weeks!!! sooo can't wait! kev's coming too :)
anyway i'm gonna go, i'm starving... <3

July 20th 2005
[ mood | creative ]

sooo havent done much lately.. finally work tomorrow! i havent worked in 3 days...its been nice havin a break though bc there for awhile, thats all i did...
kev's comin home tomorrow evening, of course i'll be at work, but we're thinkin about goin to water ways on fri if it's not raining, and then goin to summersville to go camping on saturday!
should be a really good weekend! i'm tryin to find me a new layout for my lj.. i love my laguna beach one though, it's kind of addicting... changing your lj all the time... lol
so anyway i'm gonna go look for some more layouts! <3


July 19th 2005
[ mood | creative ]

looove my journal!!! finally got it to look like i wanted... couldn't get my dawsons creek one to work, so laguna beach is just as good!! <3


just an update [Tuesday
July 19th 2005
[ mood | awake ]

so nothin has been goin on lately.. havent worked for the past 2 days... col gas hasnt called me and i'm off at target till thurs... it really kinda sucks because i need the money, and kev's outta town so ive been really bored...
anyway yesterday i cleaned my room REALLY good, closets, drawers... i even dusted.. it looks really good! i went to target and bought a 3 drawer plastic thingie to put my belts, bras, panties, socks, bathing suits, etc... and then i used my dresser for my jeans, capris, shorts, pajamas..
i even had to buy a little plastic box thingie to put my wallets in, i didnt realize how many i had...
after cleaning my closet, i realize how much of a girl i really am.. i think i have no clothes, but really, ive got too many, so im promising myself that im not going to shop for clothes for at least 2 weeks! we'll see how long that lasts!
so anyway laguna beach DVD comes out today! i wanna go get it, but i dont even have my DVD player yet...
it's on layaway at wal mart lol... and im promising myself im not going to spend any money until i get my next check unless its on food..
so anyway kev thinks he's gonna be off friday so hopefully it won't rain and we can go somewhere!
only like 3 weeks until me and kev leave for indiana w/ the family!! soooo excited! i need a vacation!
well i'm gonna go... later gaterz!


July 19th 2005
looove my icon!
wish i could get my background to be pretty too...
tomorrow, laguna beach DVD, everyone should go buy it!!!
well i'm gonna go figure out how to change this background... later gaterz

July 14th 2005
sooo ended up havin to stay over last night... was supposed to only work until 8:30, didn't get outta there till 12:30...
prudence wanted the store to look really good because people were coming in to look at it, and do inspections and stuff... soooo we all had to stay over, and we were short handed anyway... it sucked being there so late, but i need the money anyway...
soooo i work tonight 4:15-10:15.. maybe later who knows, ive had to stay late for the past 2 nights..
mom got mad at me because i had to stay so late, and she was mad because i didnt plug my phone in the night before, so my phone was going dead and i couldnt call her when i left... she said i was irresponsible.. she acts like im some drunken low life loser who sits on her butt all day and doesnt do anything.. i was working, i worked late the night before too, and forgot to plug my phone in...
she really aggravates me sometimes... sometimes i just wish i could just move away..
i dunno, i'm sick of living at home but i cant afford to get my own place..
anyway col gas still hasnt called me either.. i think im just going to quit there.. one minute they treat me okay and the next they treat me like crap.. they were mad because my wrist is sprained.. but how can i help that? they were mad because i didnt come in yesterday morning, but they called at 6 yesterday morning expecting me to be there when ive told them time and time again that they needed to call me the night before... i'm sleeping at 6 in the morning, i mean why would i get up and call them just to see if i work when they should call the night before anyway?
people kill me... they just dont think before they do things
i'm so ready for this month to be over because august is going to be fun for me..
i'm goin to indiana aug 11-18.. and kev's goin w/ me! and aug 10 is the kenny chesney concert!
i'm just honestly ready to start school, and get back in a routine again.. i thought working 2 jobs would help me save money, but honestly i spend it just as fast as i make it..
i know that is my fault, and even though i spend a lot of my money, i still havent had much of a summer..
anyway the 2nd season of laguna beach starts july 25! cant wait... looove that show!
i havent gotten to talk to kev much lately either.. he's outta town for work, and ive been working every night this week, and have had to stay over :( i miss him...
it'll be a good weekend though.. i work but i have day shift all weekend, and off tomorrow :)
would've had really good paychecks, if i worked more then one day at col gas... but yeah they get on my nerves anyway soooo.. oh weeeellll
i saw jamie last night at target! i miss him... he is just such a fun person...maybe it's because he's gay.. haha he's sweet though..... thats the good thing about target... you see everyone you dont hardly get to see anymore!!
but im going to go.. later gaterz!

July 13th 2005
sooo notta whole lot has been happening lately...
got burnt at the tanning bed! at least i finally got some color.. even if it is red.. haha
worked last night till 11:30, had to help the sales floor w/ reshop, what fun... me and tim got it done fast though! and hes a butthead, he left for hawaii at 6 this morning and didnt take me w/ him!
anyway kev's outta town, and im so lonely.. i miss him like crazy! he'll be home hopefully fri!
tonight im working 3-8:30... col gas is being stupid again, they dont know how to call me and tell me when to work, and when i call them, they never answer so i dont know how they expect me to know when to come in... they call me the morning of and ask me to come into work, well it just doesnt work that way for me
they should be a normal business and give me a schedule at the beginning of the week, or at least call the night before!
anyway then they act mad at me... soooo whatever!
cant wait for this weekend.. im ready to do something fun! this week has been so boring so far!
anyway im gonna go... later gaterz

July 10th 2005
happy year and a half babe! i love you so much, and i had so much fun tonight!! <33

July 8th 2005
i scored 94%- love and 5%- lust

The "Is it Love or Lust?" Test

July 8th 2005
tomorrow is me and kevs year and a half!! so excited.. we're goin to eat and to the putnam co fair! :) i cant wait to give him what i got him! i worked really hard on it! i cant believe it's already been a year and a half, and to think that i didnt even want to date him in the beginning. he'd always ask me out and i'd always say no. i wouldnt let myself get over my past. anyway now a year and a half later and we are closer then we ever have been!!!
i dont know what id do w/out him! hes there for me when no one else is! he understands me more then anyone else does! i tell him everything! he's my best friend, and i wouldn't make it through life w/out him!
anyway hopefully he's coming home tonight! he's been out of town for work since wed. :(

sooo anyway tomorrow is the craig morgan concert at the putnam co fair, and next saturday is the jimmy wayne concert at the fair!!! soooo excited! only a little over a month till the kenny chesney concert, and the trip to indiana! kev's goin w/ us! :) soooo excited!

next week all i'm doing is working... i work too much next week... here is my schedule if anyone cares haha

mon- col gas 6-2 and off at target
tues- col gas 7-2 then target 4:15-10:15
wed- col gas 7-2 then target 3-8:30
thurs- col gas 7-2 then target 4:15-10:15
fri- col gas 9-2 and off at target
sat- 9-5 target
sun-1-5 target

oh what a fun week i'm going to have! work work work... this summer really has sucked! i havent done anything interesting at all... just work! what do i have to show for it? clothes.. and thats about it!
anyway im gonna go fix something to eat, im starving... later gaterz!

July 6th 2005
[ mood | bored ]

1.Does all bottled water taste the same to you? nope

2.Do you wear shoes when you hang around the house or do you barefoot it? Barefoot

3.If money was no object, where would you go out to eat tonight? Olive Garden

4.List all the things on your bathroom counter without looking... toothbrush, toothpaste, hairspray, brush, hair bands, soap dispenser

5.Turn around and look behind you, what do you see? my tv

6.What's worse, a booger hanging out of your nose or a piece of spinach in your teeth? spinach

7.If you could invent a new flavor of soda what would it be? hmm i have no idea

8.What's the first section you usually go to when you go to Walmart? make up

9.When is the last time you had a haircut? about a month ago

10.What kind of shampoo is in your shower right now? sheer blonde

11.How fast can you type on the keyboard? pretty fast

12.What time is it? 6:52 p.m.

13.What time do you wish it was? doesn't really matter

14.Did you get enough sleep last night? yeah i guess so

15.What's the worst fashion trend going on right now in your opinion? i'm not sure

16.Who is your favorite family member? my grandma, my aunt kim and aunt cindy, mom & dad, my beautiful dog!

17.If there were no exotic species laws, what kind of pet would you get? what do you consider exotic? i would love to have a dolphin!

18.If applicable, what kind of video games do you play? i don't like video games

19.Are jigsaw puzzles annoying or delightful to you? Delightful

20.What's your GPA? had 4 B's and a C... i cant remember the GPA

21.What do you wish it was? higher then that

22.If you could do anything you wanted to today what would it be? go to the beach or go to pigeon forge!

23.Can you lick your elbow? Nope

24.Can you put your leg behind your head? im so not flexible anymore

25.Do you crack your knuckles? yeah

26.Favorite brand of chapstick: doesnt matter

27.Least favorite food: mexican

28.Bubble baths or showers? either one

29.Do you have to wear deoderant? of course, everyone should

30.How do you get the little fuzzies off your sweaters? use tape

31.Are you allergic to anything? nope

32.Are you an upfront person? not really

33.Have you ever flashed anyone? no

34.Besides your doctor, has anyone seen you naked? yeah...

35.What kind of gum is your favorite? orbit


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